Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Our favourite wet day game!

Today it was raining at morning tea time so we could play inside. The favourite game all round today seemed to be playing teachers! We were having so much fun acting like teachers that our real teachers couldn't help but snap a few photos! 

Hunter was having a great time teaching his class in 'the zoo'! 
Amon and Oliver did some writing lessons in the rocket room

Fai'ana, Amelia and Charlie had great fun teaching writing and phonics in the rocket room! 

Lloyd and his 'class' we're learning some maths! 


Friday, 17 March 2017

Technology Challenge

We read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and talked about why Baby Bears chair broke when Goldilocks sat on it!!  We decided it wasn't the right size for her.

Our question was:
Can you make a chair for your Teddy Bear to sit on?
It needs to be strong enough and big enough for your Teddy Bear to sit on without falling off!!

Check out some of great designs by Jacob, Riley, Kosmo and Shyloh

Monday, 13 March 2017

More workshops!

Today we had more technology workshops! We could choose whether to build a slide to help Jack get down from Giant Land the fastest, make a new chair for the Bears, or build a strong house for the three little pigs. There was lots of laughter, discussion and great inventive ideas in every workshop! 

Here are some of us building a new house for the three little pigs: 

Here are Zac and Chrostopher with their house BEFORE the big bad wolf tried to blow it down ;) 
...and here they are after! 

Here are Amelia, Charlie, Holly, Fai'ana, Jorja and Nevaeh with their house before the big bad wolf came along...

...and here they are after! 




Sunday, 12 March 2017

Technology workshops!

This afternoon our workshops were focused around technology and building. In one of our workshops we had to build a bridge to help the gingerbread man cross the river without being eaten by the fox. We watched the story, shared some ideas of how we would know if our bridge was successful, and then started building! 
Here are some photos of us hard at work:



Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Publishing our Writing

What amazing publishing our children have done this morning!  Here are two of our very best pieces done by Kosmo and Lloyd!  They have both used colour effectively and have copied their stories neatly.  Well done boys!!

If you would like to read our publishing, feel free to take the folders out of the Publishing Boxes in the different spaces anytime and enjoy reading them with your child.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Check out our Handwriting!

We are working really hard on forming our letters correctly in Piako Tahi at the moment. Today we had an extra long handwriting session where we focused on taking our time to write our letters properly. Afterwards in Miss Crowther's Writing group we did 'judging' where we looked at all the books and chose some handwriting that we liked. We all tried really hard and our handwriting is looking beautiful! 


Life Education Truck

We have been really lucky to have Tim and Harold the Giraffe come and visit us over the last two weeks.  They have taught us lots about our body and how to be a great friend.  We have laughed lots and enjoyed Harold's funny jokes!!!