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Here are the clips we watched to help us learn more about water...

The Water Song

Billy Blue Hair - The Water Cycle


Over the last few days we have learned so much about WATER.  We have learned about melting and freezing, about the water cycle and something very clever called EVAPORATION which is when heat (usually the sun) turns water into vapour and it rises into the sky.  Check out how busy we have been!!!

 Jorja and Nevaeh busy building and testing their boats!

 More boat building and testing from Tyler and Maddy.  Tyler discovered that if he added more noodles on the base of his boat it made it more stable in the water.

Floating Lego boats

Lots of boat testing by Kazma and Kosmo.  Kosmo used a second 
noodle on a stick to push his boat along!

 One of the quickest ways Oliver learned to melt an ice cube is by warming it in his hand!

Hunter's fabulous boat even came with an anchor, great thinking Hunter!

Quinn was watching this puddle we made to see if it would evaporate and the water would become smaller than the circle...  It did eventually!

What a beautiful sunny day to get outside and experiment with water!

 Look at this awesome teamwork!  Fai'ana and Amelia trying to 
make the biggest bubble mountain they can!


We have started learning all about water this week!!  There are lots of Science, Technology and Art activities for us to experiment with and extend our learning about what we already know about water.
We are also focusing on including others in our activities and coping when our testing doesn't go quite the way we want it to!

 Experimenting with Floating and Sinking

Painting with ice cubes made with dye and water, lots of great observations
 about how the ice cubes were melting!!

Making sails for our boats so we can blow them across the 'pond'

Lego boat building

Blowing big bubbles!!!

Jacob made a boat that held ALL these teddy bears!!!

Ice Cube Art!

Kaito invited Christopher to join him blowing a HUGE bubble mountain!!

Superhero Explore:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Piako Tahi! This week our focus has been on Superheroes! We have been trying our best to be a super friend as we continue focusing on Key Competency of Relating to others. 

Check out some of our awesome super friends!

Super Amon

The Flash

Our superheroes had to train by getting through Spiderman's web!

Dinosaur Explore:

This week in Explore our topic is Dinosaurs! Our Key Competency this week is Relating to Others. We discussed a number of ways in which we could do this, such as including others in our games, sharing the dinosaurs and helping them out if they are struggling to complete and activity. 

Here are some of our awesome habitats we made to keep the predators out!

Music Explore:

Each week in Explore we get to investigate a topic through a range of activities prepared by one of the teachers. We get to choose which activities we do each day and often are allowed to put are own spin upon them. While these activities help us learn about different topics they also provide us a chance to work on specific key competencies to help improve ourselves as Self Managers.
Check out how awesome we are in our first week of Explore, Music!

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